Our Story

In 2013, after dealing with bullying from peers in and out of school, then 10 year old Hanna decided to turn a negative into a positive. A Community for Change was born.  What started out as a small grassroots movement has grown into something pretty amazing.  Each October we hold a Kindness Walk and Bullying Awareness Day which brings hundreds of people together working towards a common goal of ending bullying and promoting kindness and inclusion. We have also offered screenings of documentaries and Hanna has been given the opportunity to speak with children from other towns about the effects of bullying.

Prospect Park Borough, Delaware County, Pennsylvania adopted a bully-free resolution and kindness charter at Hanna’s request. The first in Pennsylvania to do so. Three other towns in Pennsylvania (Norwood, Tinicum & Tyrone Borough) soon followed suit. Her hope is that every town in Pennsylvania adopts these same resolutions to bring about a change in their community.

In 2016 Friendship Benches were purchased and installed at each of the 5 schools in the Interboro School District.